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Gedik Holding established the Gedik Education Foundation on 07.09.1994 with the aim of contributing to our country’s education and improving Turkey’s welding technology

In addition to the general aims of education, culture, health, scientific research and social service, the specific aims can be listed as:

· To raise well-educated young people, who are committed to their country, to establish educational institutions, to establish workshops and factories, and to open technical courses with the aim of raising qualified workmen.

· To do scientific, economical, social and cultural research in collaboration with official and private organizations in order to raise qualified people whom our country is in need of; to write policies; and to provide all kinds of in cash and in kind support for these.

· To support and help successful students with limited financial sources in all educational, health-related and other social issues.

Our actvities

The activities that the foundation put into practice in accordance with these aims are:

· To organize courses and educational seminars to raise certificated welders, welding technologists and welding engineers; to form the qualified manpower Turkish welding industry strongly needs.

· To organize the certification examinations of the educated welders who work in our country,

· To establish a library and a documentation center within the Foundation to respond to the needs of the welding sector.

· To supply services for examination experiments and chemical analysis that our industry needs.

· To act as a consultant to the Turkish Welding Sector by establishing a science and technology committee composed of university professors and of people with wide experience in the welding sector who have worked for many years.

· To provide scholarships for successful students.

In order to put these activities into practice, Gedik Holding provides the opportunity for the Foundation to use the educational institutions, research and material examination laboratories and the educational workshops besides the financial aid it provides.



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